Cole Fortson

Founder, Edugate

Bringing fresh ideas to education to improve the student, faculty, and teacher experience to solve pain points and unlock new potential.

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Cole is passionate about connecting students with careers they'll love.

Cole discovered a passion for coding early in life and hasn’t looked back since. In contrast, nearly half of American high school seniors report not being certain of a career choice, and 75% of college students change their major at least once. Inspired by these disturbing statistics, as well as other obvious pain points in school management and campus safety concerns, Cole founded Edugate.


Founder, Edugate

The world’s most cutting edge ed-tech suite—built for smarter schools.

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44% of American high school graduates don't have a career defined

Edugate is working to help high school students discover their passions and identify their skills in order to be prepared for college by the time they graduate. They also strive to improve the overall student, faculty, and teacher experience by creating a modern digital platform that feels familiar and operates like the apps you use on a daily basis.

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