Josh Mendelsohn

Founder, Roster

Building new healthcare solutions to bringing health and healing to the chronically ill, which account for nearly half of the U.S. population.

About Josh

Josh brings together the realms of technology and investing to launch new companies.

Josh’s background ranges from the U.S. military to top product companies to venture capital. His speciality is unearthing hard, complex problems and finding ways to build companies around them. His primary focus is on healthcare, specifically the 6% of the medicaid population who account for 63% of total medicaid costs in America.


Founder, Roster

Helping make our communities healthier and stronger, together.

Managing Partner, Hangar Labs

Hangar Labs concepts, incubates, and launches companies that tackle problems in dated, entrenched industries.

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What Josh Is Working On

Roster Healthcare

Nearly half the American population is suffering from an incurable or chronic disease.

Roster is a new healthcare company taking a unique approach to improving care outcomes through community-based engagement. They are focused on helping individuals who have chronic illnesses and disabilities whose experiences are challenging and costs are high. Roster turns community leaders into highly effective healthcare facilitators through the use of smart, mobile technology that ensures they ask the right questions and have access to immediately useful resources.

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