Missa Guthrie-Mueller

Founder, Zinsur

Focused on providing America with access to affordable credit and finance of medical costs not covered by insurance - even with insurance and employment, many need help paying for out-of-pocket, copay, coinsurance and other costs.

About Missa

Missa has a vision to create a new financial instrument that provides a solution for millions of Americans per year who currently have no other options.

Two years ago, Missa went through a personal experience that left her with large sums of medical-related bills, most of which her insurance company wouldn’t cover. With a background in finance, Missa was shocked that little-to-no financial products exist to help people struggling under the immense weight of heafty medical bills, often for procedures out of their control or ability to plan for. Determined to help millions of Americans in a similar crisis every year, Zinsur was birthed.


Founder, Zinsur

ZINSUR is part of Y Combinator’s 2nd intake of YC Startup School companies participating in their remote incubator program from New York.

Financial Advisor

Managing large endowments and investments for multiple family offices.

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What Missa is working on


ZINSUR is a new credit and finance solution to help millions of Americans pay for healthcare costs.

Zinsur is a new financial instrument designed directly with healthcare in mind. The first of it’s kind, Zinsur is healthcare lender that provides qualifying patients with increased, faster access to funds specifically for unexpected medical bills due to major surgeries, extended hospital stays, or procedures not covered by insurance companies.

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