Sandy Gibson

Cofounder, Better Place

Providing grieving families with an alternative end-of-life experience with an earth-friendly, beautiful resting place for their loved ones in a protected national forest.

About Sandy

Sandy is an environmentalist turned entrepreneur who is pioneering ambitious new end-of-life experiences.

In 2015, Sandy purchased a large chunk of redwood forest on the California coast with a vision to create the first memorial forest of its kind. His vision was to provide an alternative place for individuals and families to scatter the ashes of their loved ones, which in term reduces the environmental impact of after-life traditions by eliminating non-biodegradable elements and reducing carbon emissions. This unique solution helps alleviate the rising price of traditional burials, which averages $11,000 in NY, as well as ensuring the growth of permanently protected forest land.


Better Place Forests

Founder, Better Place Forests

America’s first conservation spreading forests. Create a memorial that will be shared with generations to come.


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What Sandy is Working On

Better Place Forests

Better Place Forests

Creating a more beautiful place to remember through introducing a natural alternative to cemeteries.

Better Place Forests

Better Place Forests was born from the desire to create a final resting place as beautiful as the memories of our loved ones. Better Place helps loved ones connect in new ways through a family memorial surrounded by natural beauty in which they can spread their loved one’s ashes beneath a personal, permanently protected memorial tree.

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