Sean Clifford

President, Canopy

Exploring how to unlock the full potential of the Internet and digital experiences sans the harmful, malicious, and illicit content.

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Sean is on a quest to reimagine how people consume and absorb content on the internet.

A former veteran in public affairs and diplomacy, Sean thinks deeply about the long-term effects of our habits, patterns, and influences. Driven by the rise of groundbreaking new studies into the growing concerns that digital media is having on our minds, Sean is on a mission to build tools that help unlock the greatest parts of the Internet while protecting our children and youth from the harmful effects of tech addiction and malicious content.


President, Canopy

Canopy is the world’s smartest internet filter, helping unlock the best of the internet while protecting the most vulnerable from it’s darker side.

Vice President, Skills Fund

Skills Fund is a student financing and quality assurance platform that is transforming student lives and careers by financing a return on education.

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Confronting the biggest parenting challenge of the modern era.

Canopy is the world’s smartest internet filter, empowering families to create a customized and healthy Internet experience that transforms how the next generation interacts with devices and digital content.

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